About Franssons Recycling Machines



Franssons history begins in 1945 when Arne Fransson opens the first workshop in the north of Sweden, in the city of Sundsvall.

In 1981, his son Lars Fransson joined the company, who today maintains and develops the innovative spirit of enterprise and custom manufacturing.

In 2008, the granddaughter Anna Fransson opens a subsidiary in Madrid, Spain, in order to meet more closely the Latin American countries.






Franssons Recycling Machines has its main facilities in Sundsvall, Sweden, where all parts are manufactured. This allows us to maintain total quality control on all components.

We manufacture 100% of our industrial shredders in our workshop.

We believe that profitability goes through the experience of our team. Quality pay back the investment and this allows us to be proud of what we manufacture.



A good design is not enough to convert a machine into a Franssons. We believe that the components are equally important, and we only accept the highest quality components on the market.

We make strict quality controls of all all components and our machines.